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All Join Hands

   Book Revives Memories of Childhood

    "A delightful little book has recently been published by Heidi Hartwiger, through Down Home Press in Asheboro, NC, which is written for modern parents who care about their children, but have forgotten how even a small amount of time spent together can be memorable and constructive.

"Hartwiger refreshes our memories with the traditional games that we played when we were children, and games that our parents taught us, handed down from their parents.
For those of us who have forgotten the rules, Hartwiger has craftily included the instructions and goals of the game, the words to little rhymes to sing while jumping rope, and how to make bean bags for tossing games.

"Remember the counting games (Eenie, meenie, minie, moe...) and hand games (Button, button, who's got the button)?
Remember Hide and Go Seek? Tag? Red Light? Mother May I?

"These are all easily described for today's children.
Hartwiger includes nature games with seasonal walks, listening for sounds, gathering and collecting bits of nature's finest, leaf rubbings and prints, learning about rocks and keeping a journal.

"She includes games to play indoors on rainy days, using paper, scissors, string and other kitchen creativity, soap carving and baking treats.

"She encourages children to use their imaginations with handmade puppets, dress-up and play acting - all the delightful games that kept us occupied for hours as children.

"How soon we forget in today's modern pace. And how refreshing to have it all brought back in a proper instruction book to increase the quality time we spend with our children."

Linda Spiker, Southwest Virginia Enterprise

160 pages, 6 X 9 inches, Softcover, Down Home Press, ISBN: 1878086324

© 2002-2013 Heidi Hartwiger
PO Box 1532, Nags Head, NC 27959

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