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If you think
American history is boring. . .

Tricorn Trivia
Tricorn Trivia
Colonial Facts and Fun for Kids

Would you believe. . .

   A sweet girl could become a ferocious pirate!

   In Massachusetts you might be called a pumpkin head!

   Sugar was shaped into a cone called a hat!

   People who were not rich wore wigs made from goat hair!

Kids in Colonial America didn't have much time to play. Both boys and girls were expectd to be responsible and behave like little adults. They had to work, learn skills, and "be seen but not heard." Until they became adults or did something really, really good or bad, kids did not receive much individual recognition. Here are a few kids that had the power to rise above the ordinary and to be recognized. Put on your thinking cap. Perhaps you can add to the list.

Thus starts this booklet by Heidi Hartwiger. It is full of fun and facts about colonial kids and includes dozens of word puzzles to test what they have learned and intice them to learn more.

48 pages,   5.5 X 8.5 inches,  Booklet,
Catawba Publishing Company,   ISBN: 1597120650,   $5.00

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